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Zoe Cooper is the (former) main antagonist of Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked[]

In the film, Zoe is a delusional, crazy, selfish, greedy young woman who claims that she has been deserted on the island for close to 8 or 9 years with her five friends, who are shown as various sport balls.

Her unstable personality may be developed due to the spider bites she received from spending her stated years on the island, as she tells the Chipmunks and Chipettes she received spider bites a few times. Although Simon told her of the side effects which included an altered personality, when he was bitten by a neurotoxic spider, she was unfazed, most likely due to her personality being altered without her even being aware.

She is first believed to have crash landed on the island, but in the end, she reveals that she intentionally came to the island to look for treasure. She kidnaps Jeanette and forces her to get all the treasure since she is small enough to reach it. Fortunately, Alvin and Dave save Jeanette, stopping Zoe from both harming Jeanette and getting the treasure. She sees her opportunity to get revenge on Dave for making her lose the treasure by killing him as he hangs on a broken log bridge for his life. Luckily, a reformed Ian comes to his rescue and persuades Zoe to do the right thing and help Dave up. After everyone escapes the island, Zoe realizes her errors and sincerely apologizes to Jeanette for her actions. She forgives Zoe and gives her a valuable gold bracelet that Simone gave her, feeling she deserves it more.

In the end, Ian reveals that he sold Zoe's story to Hollywood and Keira Knightley has expressed in playing her. Thus, this has restored Ian's career and made Zoe a celebrity.


Zoe has light skin, dark wavy brown hair, and brown eyes.

She wears some sort of safari shirt whenever she does go safari or not, which more likely is an open tan-colored button-up shirt. Zoe also wears a dark grey T-shirt that rises up exposing her tummy a lot and in at least three scenes her belly button. She also wears tanned shorts, short safari khakis, and black boots.


Zoe: I'm not a monster! I'm Zoe, and I'm clearly a girl who has been on this island for so long that now she's imagining that squirrels can talk? - (Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked)
Zoe: Well, I got here on a Monday, so yeah, like eight or nine, um, years. - (Chipwrecked)
Zoe: Dave is coming to get us! No, not Dave Henderson. I saw your face! This is a new Dave. - (Chipwrecked)
Zoe: I don't have any ice. I live up there, in that tree. I was thinking maybe you did, though. - (Chipwrecked)
Zoe: Wow. That's a major bummer for you! Do you guys like bungee jumping? - (Chipwrecked)
Zoe: C'est magnifique, Simone! - (Chipwrecked)
Zoe: I'm thinking, when did my dad wash up on this island? - (Chipwrecked)
Zoe: Of course it's safe! I do this thing every day! - (Chipwrecked)
Zoe: All right. Callaway, I need you to go in there, and find Simone. Know you can do it, little buddy!
Zoe: Yeah, it is beautiful. Where...did you find it?
Zoe: You guys, they found it! They found it! And the best part is, they don’t even know what they found! They just think that it’s just one bracelet, which means that the rest of the treasure is MINE! ALL MINE!! - (Chipwrecked)
Zoe: Right now, like, right now? Or right now, like, after a hike to the waterfall now? - (Chipwrecked)
Zoe: You're not coming up until you have every last bit of that treasure! - (Chipwrecked)
Zoe: They said that I was crazy, and they said that this map was a fake! And now the treasure is MINE! - (Chipwrecked)
Zoe: Jeanette, I don’t know what to say. I guess I was just so obsessed with finding that treasure that I kind of... I lost it. And I’m really sorry. We both are. - (Chipwrecked)
Zoe: Look, Dunlop, this is the new beginning for both of us. - (Chipwrecked)


  • Zoe is often thought to be the (former) secondary antagonist of the third film.
  • Her five "friends" on the island are Rawling (baseball), Spalding (basketball), Callaway (golf ball), Dunlop (tennis ball), and Nerf (football).