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Wings Over Siesta Grande is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


Dave forces Alvin, Simon, and Theodore to clean the attic, the garage, and mow the lawn respectively. After they receive some fan mail from Mexico, the boys decide to go to Siesta Grande to look through ruins. Once they arrive they quickly leave Dave to listen to Pedro, their fan at an orphanage, about the lost city. Later they ditch Dave again, who hangs at the beach, to find more information at the local museum. Meanwhile, Dave learns of the real reason they are in Siesta Grande. When Mr. Digbe doesn't provide enough information, they visit Wings Walker, a forgetful pilot. He agrees to help the boys find the ruins if they assist him in finding Sadie, his plane. On the way to their hotel Pedro is kidnapped by Mr. Digbe and neither Dave or The Chipmunks can find each other. While Dave and Mr. Digbe look for them, the boy's find Sadie's, a restaurant, instead. They are forced to wash dishes when they can't pay but learn the location of Walker's plane.

As Dave is unknowingly followed by Mr. Digbe, Pedro escapes from the basement he was held in. They get Sadie running and take off as Dave runs after the plane grabbing one of the wheels, with Pedro close behind on a motorcycle, only to fall into the forest. Soon after landing, the group falls through leaves into an underground room. As the boys discover the gate of the lost city, the Twee-Twee Tribe finds Dave who become excited at the sight of The Chipmunks. The boys sing to open the gate and avoid multiple booby-traps as they explore the city. They find the riches just before Pedro and Mr. Digbe finds them. They are captured by a spider as Mr. Digbe escapes with the Dave and Twee-Twee Tribe in full pursuit. Dave captures him and the Tribe donates some gold to the orphanage and the boys. As they get ready to leave, Dave is dragged away to wash dishes.




  • This was the first of six episodes to premiere in syndication.
  • The name of the city, Siesta Grande, means "Big nap" in Spanish.
  • Original script called the “Twee-Twee” Tribe the “Chi-Chi” Tribe, short for Chipmunk. However, during recording it was discovered “Chi-Chi” is a Spanish slang for female breasts and would not be acceptable.


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