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Who's The Animal is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


During a costume visit to the zoo, Alvin finds himself mistaken for a real Tasmanian devil. Soon, Alvin is stuck in the Tasmanian devil's cage and the real animal, goes home to the Sevilles'. The mix-up creates problems all around, especially when Simon reads that the Tasmanian devil is scheduled for surgery. Can Dave and the boys get to Alvin before the operation?![3]


A doctor confirms that Alvin has laryngitis and informs him that he must not speak under threat of permanent damage. The next morning, The Chipmunks are dressed and ready for their zoo field trip when Alvin gives clues so his brothers can guess that he's a Tasmanian devil. At the zoo, Simon (who's a reptile) heads to the Reptilian Rescue Shelter, Theodore (who's a panda) to the Critter Corner, and Alvin rushes to see the Tasmanian devils. Alvin notices the baby devil is being taken for appendix surgery and follows. He attempts to give it a blanket but is captured in its place. Miss Smith, thinking the real Tasmanian devil is Alvin, chases it and carries it onto the bus where it makes a ruckus before settling down. At home, it attacks Dave and makes a mess of the boys' room which they attribute as the side effects of the medicine. Meanwhile, Alvin is prepped for surgery. Dave and the boys rush the real Tasmanian devil baby to the zoo once they discover it's not Alvin and the real Alvin is at the zoo. The surgeon informs them the chipmunk's fine and the doctor clears Alvin to sing. During their performance, the baby Tasmanian devil is reunited with its parents.




  • This episode is slightly similar to the 80s episode Alvin... and the Chipmunk in that Alvin switches places with a wild animal.
  • This episode has a similarity with the 1984 episode Operation Theodore, both involving a case of mistaken identity and the wrong patient having to be quickly rescued from getting operated on.
  • Simon's voice changes several times in this episode, which could mean that Simon may have been voiced not only by Ross Bagdasarian, Jr. but by Matthew Gray Gubler and/or Michael Bagdasarian as well. This is supported by the fact that Alvin has lost his voice; this could have been written into the script on purpose since Ross might have been unavailable.
  • Alvin spinning around the house to show he's a Tasmanian devil is a reference to Taz from the Looney Tunes series.
  • Simon mentions the scientific name of the Tasmanian devil as Sarcophilus harrisii.
  • The song "Rock N Roll Lover" is heard briefly before the final performance.
  • The boy in the dark blue shirt with ginger hair was revealed by Miss Smith as Cheesy.
  • When the episode premiered in the US, it aired with a rerun of Turf War.
  • Part of the Who Ghosts There DVD.


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