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Werewolf Puppy, an alternative identity of Theodore Seville, is a descriptor given to Theodore by Alvin and Simon when he first begins to change into a werewolf in Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman.

How do you do? What's up with you?

Werewolf Theodore as a chipmunk


In his day to day chipmunk form, the only main difference between Theodore before and Theodore now is that his hair looks like a slicked back undercut, in a light chestnut colour. He appears to be more muscular at times, like during the song montage for "The Monster out in You."

When he first turns into a werewolf, his hair lenghtens out a fair amount and grows around the sides of his head, leading into sideburns, resembling that of fur. He has smallish claws and his bottom canine teeth are long and sharp, protruding from his mouth.

Full-fledged werewolf

Full-fledged werewolf transformation

As a full-fledged werewolf, Theodore's appearence is a lot closer to that of Mr. Talbot's werewolf form in that he's more visually wolf than chipmunk. His hands are a lot larger with more dangerous looking claws. His hair is even longer than it was as a puppy and his sideburns have grown out and down to underneath his chin, and eyebrows, heavily bushy.

His clothing as a werewolf consists of whatever he's wearing at the time as a chipmunk, but unlike Mr. Talbot's clothing when he changes, Theodore's outfits remain fully intact.


Theodore started off as being a braver, more athletic version of himself, with an uncharacteristic taste for meat. He quickly grows to be more arrogant and cocky overtime, displaying a false sense of confidence. Theodore would start to get too comfortable with this new version of himself, and would use his new abilities to show-off to others, especially Eleanor as he has feelings for her. Eleanor, on the contrary, didn't enjoy this new persona of his, going as far as calling Theodore a "jerk" and saying that he's "such an animal".

Initially in his werewolf form, Theodore acted like a puppy, keeping a lot of his sweeter personality traits he had as a regular chipmunk along with those traits of a typical dog. When he finally succumbs to the full transformation, he's agressive and lashes out at his brothers and Eleanor during the play. However, when he sees the necklace he gave to Eleanor twinkling in the moonlight, he remembers who he is, and in-turn saves her from Mr. Talbot, biting him back and reversing the lycanthropy in both of them. Theodore remembers nothing of it.

His personality overall is fairly inconsistent during his time as a werewolf - there were times that even his puppy-persona would come out and affect him in his personal life. This was explained by Madame Raya, when she describes to Alvin and Simon that the reason for his constant shifting going beyond of just during the full moon can be linked to the fact that Theodore, being a chipmunk, is already closer to the state of being a primative animal. (It's never elaborated if he changes every single night regardless of moon phase, or if he even goes as far as sometimes changing during the day as well. The song sequence for The Monster Out in You, which further explains Theodore's changes as a werewolf and how it affects those around him, might suggest the latter.)