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Wax Dave is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


The Chipmunks follow Dave, discovering he's fallen in love with a woman who wants to turn him into a wax statue.[3]


While The Chipmunks are watching a horror film about a man dipping people in hot wax, Dave is on the phone with a wax artist. Hearing them scream, Dave checks on the boys informing them he'll be away and Miss Miller will watch them. Alvin doesn't buy Dave being gone so much on "business," so, with the help of The Chipettes dressed as them, they sneak into Dave's car. They arrive at their destination and spot Dave with a woman, only for Alvin to think Dave's hiding a relationship. Dave and the wax artist go get dinner leaving the boys to do some spying. Frightened, they find what they believe is Dave already dipped in wax and, once Alvin breaks off his ear and learn she has friends in high places, decide they must get him to the hospital. Meanwhile, the police are looking for them. The boys fish Dave out of a river after he falls in and they dry him next to a fire. The next morning, Dave loses his neck and they finally make it to the hospital. The doctor, surprised they brought the dummy to him, nails Dave's ear back on. They learn the truth when Simon notices wires poking out the neck so they leave the body for the doctor to give back to the artist. Back home, Miss Miller informs the real Dave that the boys have been playing dress-up and dolls all day. Dave takes them to see the surprise, only to learn the figure of him's ruined. The chipmunks perform for the audience, but the artist doesn't have enough time to make fixes so the real Dave is shown to the audience along with wax versions of the boys. Alvin explains he can spot a fake easily, and after he sticks his finger in Dave's nose, he learns it's the real Dave pretending to be fake.





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