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Warbie is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When The Chipmunks find a baby bird that's fallen from it's nest, Alvin is initially reluctant to get too attached. But the little bird soon worms his way into Alvin's hat...and heart, creating an unlikely friendship.[3]


The Chipmunks and The Chipettes are playing basketball at the Seville House when the ball rolls into a bush with a stranded baby bird. After patiently waiting for five hours for the mother to return, they decide to bring the chick inside. Once the bird is situated, Simon convinces the girls they can look after him. In the early morning, Simon and Theodore are asleep when the bird wakes forcing a reluctant Alvin to tend to the little bird. His brothers are frantic about the chick until the girls arrive and Jeanette points to Alvin. Over the next two weeks Alvin and Warbie create a very close bond; Alvin feeds him and they sleep together. Simon becomes concerned with their relationship as Alvin isn't qualified to teach Warbie the skills needed to survive. Alvin does his best to teach the young bird as well as attempting to force some independence onto him. Unable to get through to the bird, Alvin pleads to Simon for his help. Simon launches a stuffed Alvin doll into the air to get Warbie to fly, but Alvin begins to freak out when the bird tries to save the Alvin doll. The next morning the toaster starts beeping and Warbie becomes frantic before flying into a window hurting himself. The bird is taken away in an ambulance and Alvin spends the week mourning only to return home one day to learn Warbie is safe in his nest.





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