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Viral is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


After Brittany and the girls release a video that goes viral, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore try to top it.[1]


When The Chipmunks exit class to see a group of students causing a commotion, Theodore believes it's someone famous so Alvin tries to penetrate the crowd for an autograph only to be surprised to hear Brittany. Alvin expresses his confusion before Simon shows him The Chipettes' viral video consisting of the girls lip-syncing to the boys' songs while in a car. Upset about the video's success, Alvin proclaims he and his brothers can make a viral video too. At the Seville House, The Chipmunks review a mirror version of The Chipettes' video before publishing it. They stare at the screen waiting for the video to go viral, but after hours of doing so, they only get one view, which turns out to be Theodore who just wanted to improve Alvin's mood. Following a video comment by Theodore that causes a scuffle with Alvin, Simon decides to feed viral videos into a program he wrote in order to learn the ingredients needed for the perfect video. The next morning the boys work on a new video including cats and a "Gangnam Style" routine. They think it looks pretty bad, though given it has everything a viral video needs, Alvin convinces Simon to put it online. The video immediately becomes a hit with attorneys who only send cease and desist notices in the comments, forcing Simon to delete the video to avoid litigation before Theodore throws the laptop out the window. Alvin hears Dave singing and decides to film him in the bathroom; Dave learns of the video and tries to confront Alvin, who had covered himself and the kitchen floor in oil for another video, causing the two to slide around the kitchen.




  • A sneak peek clip was uploaded to
  • When The Chipettes are seen lip syncing to "Ice Cream Dreams" in one of their viral videos, their dancing animation, and their clothes, is re-used from Reality Or Not.
  • This marks the second time in the series that the girls are seen dressed as the boys, the first time being in Wax Dave.
  • Scene Running Gag: Eleanor keeps saying "in a car" when The Chipettes are gloating about their video to The Chipmunks.
  • The songs heard in both group's viral videos are songs from season one.
  • Alvin's pirate costume from Reality Or Not (also seen in Switch Witch), Simon's train conductors outfit from Clowning Around (also seen in For Whom the Bell Tolls), and Theodore's panda suit from Who's The Animal all make reappearances, in this episode.
  • As well as their costumes, Simon is seen wearing his Jeanette disguise again, first seen in My Sister The Weirdo (Theodore is shown wearing the rainbow wig that Jeanette wears during said episode as well), and Alvin is shown wearing the disguise that he and Simon wore during Lil'T.
  • Ms. Whiskers makes another reappearance in this episode.
  • Theodore's piggy bank Mr Piggy from Driving Dave Crazy makes another reappearance.
  • Goof: As done in Monster Madness, the video's thumbs up total is confused with video's total views.
  • Goof: Alvin's tail is dark brown instead of light brown during the cooking oil slip and slide scene.
  • During the "Look At Me Now" segments, The Chipmunks are shown doing the "Gangnam Style" dance routine.
  • The clip of the "Gangnam Style" routine is included in the second series opening theme, first seen at the start of season three.


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