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Vinny is Alvin, Simon, and Theodore's birth mother.

The Chipmunks found her after days of searching. Alvin gets upset because he didn't understand why she abandoned them. Their mother explains that the year she abandoned them there was a horrible winter and all of the animals in the forest were forced to leave their homes. She realized that her boys wouldn't survive the journey if she brought them with her, so she decided to leave them with a nice man who was always kind to the forest animals, Dave Seville. She told them that when spring came, she would finally return to get them, but she saw how happy they were with Dave and decided they would be better off growing up with him.



Vinny as she appeared in Vinny's Visit.

Vinny is a kind, good-natured chipmunk. She appears to have a somewhat more wild mindset than her boys, as she seems to be like a fish out of water when she comes to visit the boys in the city, and is often barefoot. She is very protective of her children and defended them from a wild boar. Her favorite soup is acorn soup.

Vinny lives alone in the woods, in a house constructed within a hollowed out tree. Her birth is unknown as are her parents, though it's possible that Grandpa, from the Easter special The Easter Chipmunk, is her father or father-in-law. Her age is never specified, but she is obviously old enough to have children and to live on her own.

She wears a blue dress and has green eyes like Theodore, and she has dark brown hair in a bun. She is also shown to wear glasses, like Simon, although it does not appear that she needs them like he does, because she sometimes wears them on top of her head. Though it is unknown who the Chipettes' parents are, Jeanette bears a remarkable resemblance to Vinny especially when she is shown as the future version of herself in the episode Big Dreams. Vinny also wears a locket around her neck with a photo of Alvin, Simon, and Theodore as newborns.

She has a beautiful singing voice, a hint at where the boys' talent came from, and the only song she has sung by herself is named after her; she wrote the lullaby "Vinny's Lullaby" for the boys as babies.



  • In the first CGI/live action film Alvin and the Chipmunks, Simon states that chipmunks only care for their young for a week while Alvin adds that their parents were hippies and left early to join a commune, a contradiction to everything Vinny says to the boys. However, Vinny does live in the woods and displays wild behavior, so this could be where the hippie comment came from.
  • Simon gets his looks from her, but she also resembles Jeanette.
  • It is unknown why she is single but she raised her three newborns on her own.
  • Vinny is often used as a nickname in real life, so her real name could be Vincenza.
  • She doesn’t quite understand why Dave treats their sons like they were his own kids, but she is kind to him nonetheless.
  • She was more soft-spoken in her first appearance. In "Vinny's Visit," she has a sort of posh accent.
  • In her first appearance, she has slightly darker fur than the Chipettes and has some fur sticking out around her cheeks and chin. In Vinny's Visit, however, she has a lighter complexion and a more smooth face like the Chipettes. She also has a pink nose like them.
  • Vinny hasn't appeared or been mentioned in the live-action movies.