Venus and Lily are two plants grown by Simon in the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks episode A Rose by Any Other Name.


When seedlings, Lily grew straight and bright green while Venus drooped and lost leaves. Once grown, Simon named the plants after what they became: Venus, a thorny fly trap, and Lily, a pink lily. Venus appears to be "more alive" than Lily, with a large tongue and the ability to move freely. Venus later grows long tentacles allowing him to leave the pot he was planted in.


The personalities of the two plants develop as the result of positive and negative dialogue fed to them by Simon as they grew. Venus received the negative dialogue, contributing to his rough appearance and dangerous behavior made worse with the music and growth hormones Simon also used on the plants. He nearly ate Theodore but successes in destroying Miss Croner's gardenias and damaging The Chipettes' Treehouse. Lily, on the other hand, received the positive dialogue and was a peaceful plant until his life was cut short from Venus making a meal out of him. Once Simon switches the negative headphones on Venus for the positive ones, Venus becomes gentle and greener.


  • Even though Simon refers to them as males, they have female names.
  • Lily could be a reference to the dog, Lilly, from the 1980s cartoon.
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