Hola! Once again I am on the blog area of Munkapedia, we have finished the editing of the major pages and tried to make them all pretty and so now the wall of crat only editing is coming down, tomorrow.

Lots of pictures removed, grammar and spelling corrected and a remarkable amount of trimming to keep the amount of information consistent.

To keep these articles pretty and not block you all out of the articles I suggest you

  • A. Not add superflous information, such as the whole plot of Chipwrecked I found on Brittany's page
  • B. Add equal amounts of all fomats of pictures (NOT JUST CG Thank you Deadlynova for keepng up with that, your amazing! :D )
  • C. Keep the user pages to JUST personality, and looks, no matter how much you want to talk about relationships, that's what the fan pages are for. :)
  • D. Edit the spelling and grammar of the pages and edits you make. I myself am a horrible offender of spelling and grammar mishaps mishaps. (Just as my compatriots of the stories I write on Fanfiction!)
  • E. Don't spam. Seriously, don't.
  • F. Keep the information true, not just jack up a page just so you can jack up a page.

So there's my rant, not the title of this blog is how are we doing? The reason for that is.... I want you guys to tell me what we could do better on, feel free to rant as much as ou wish, We will take into consideration all that you say. :D

Now for some lovely, and really funny pictures I've found, explaination below the picture. :D


Okay, I've been a fan of My Little Pony for FOREVER and recently here have been people called Bronies, they do brohoofs, found this funny because it's well, it's a bro paw. XD

Captioned-pics-alvin-and-the-chipmunks-29296679-331-353 do I need to explain this, it's just funny. ^-^

Captioned-pics-alvin-and-the-chipmunks-29296686-514-371 Ahhh, for all you fans of the 60's chipmunks out there (Like me) you should get this, it's a derict refrence to Clyde Crashcup.

Hope you enjoyed, I got all of these pictures from:

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