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  • I live in USA
  • I was born on September 27
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Girl
  • SJ4evr

    Probably Very Important

    November 16, 2013 by SJ4evr

    Soo, I can see that I was marked inactive on here. Which is probably pretty true. I haven't edited for a month and a half. If your wondering where I went its just college and work stuff. Life has been busy.

    With that said I think I need to say this, I think I've been an admin for too long. I've been admin for five years and active for about three years of it. These last two years Munkpedia , quite honestly, hasn't been a priority for me. So I think it is only fair to you the users and my fellow Crats that I probably should resign...

    I feel really bad about not doing some official note or something but I feel this is the best way to let it out. Kind of quietly. If you think I should continue being Admin, go ahead and say so, but I think its f…

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  • SJ4evr

    Soo, you might have noticed that I am supposedly back... yet somehow not active. Well as it turns out I had the hugest mind-lapse ever and forgot a limiting factor. I was put in charge of decorating and organizing my chapel's VBS (Vacation Bible School) which I learned that eats up my whole day to get ready for two hours.

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  • SJ4evr

    Hola! I am back after my leave and while I was gone I... Finished highschool, took AP tests, passes with almost strait A's for the first time in my life, and trucked over 1,000 textbooks in one day from the check-in desk to the text book center. Yep, my accomplishments XD.

    So I am here to tell you that I will try to be a good crat despite how distracted I get by shiny things (mostly cartoons and comic books) and edit a bit more on here which might be a little difficult given how well DEmersonJMFM has done around here! Let's give him a round of applause.

    So for the forseeable future I will be here helping (sort of) and trying to encourage you all! Have a happy friday! -SJ4evr >Insertchipmunkmusichere< (◕ω◕✿)

    P.S. DEmersonJMFM did you really …

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  • SJ4evr

    Serious Title?

    March 15, 2013 by SJ4evr

    Here is the deal guys, I really wanted to go over this with DEmersonJMFM and Marchbaby before here but I guess this is the best way to do this, I'm thinking of doing a TEMPORARY leave of absence. I haven't been around here much and frankly haven't been a very good Crat. My goal is to come back and actually start doing things around here after my High Schooling ends in May. My homework load has dramatically increased in the last few months mostly because of AP classes T_T. My hope is to be back and a better Crat in about 3 months.

    Now here is the honesty part... I'm actually not really that into the chipmunks anymore. I like the songs, I have them on my iPod but as a fan, I'm more into Anime. :( I'm sure you all groan at the mention of that w…

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  • SJ4evr

    Where on Earth is SJ4evr

    July 18, 2012 by SJ4evr

    This title brings about a great question.. where am I?

    Well you might have noticed that I will disappear for extended periods of time, this is due to * Drum roll* work! Not specifically paying work, volunteer work! I am a councilor at a camp and it's out in the middle of no where so there is no internet. Along with this fact, I am moving. *gasp*! So this leaves little time to edit and work around here.

    What does this mean for you my fair friends here on Munkapedia.. this means that the administration here is at a bit of a stand still until a few weeks in the future so that we (Marchbaby and I) can do the finishing touches as a team.

    Note for Marchbaby; not avoiding you! Promise! I just figure it would be best to take a momentary pause in the…

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