Me and Sj4evr have recently decided that due to how outdated the Policy is that it will be changed along with the possiability of the whole Council System itself as right now there is only 3 fairly active Council members and the current system does not spread out the power enough. As a result we have decided to promote a few users to the Council in order to try and balence the power a little bit more as well as make the Council more active than it currently is. Off hand I do not know how Sj4evr plans to promote them whether it be by who has made edits recently or those who have been active or what but I will be helping her pick the members to be promoted and that is why I wanted to create this blog so that if anyone is intrested in joining the Council you could post here so that we will know you want to become a part of it. We have not decided on an exact number yet or anything like that but I wanted to go ahead and get the word out.

I myself feel that adding more members to the Council is wonderful as I was the last one added about 2 years ago and despite there being quite a few worthy members since then the Council never promoted anyone due to the Policy's requirement to vote being a major factor which hopefully the revised Policy will be able to fix. Please note that the updated Policy may take some time and the whole system may have to be revamped to accomidate the changes so make sure you keep an eye on any site news blogs that we post as this is a major project the site despertily needs. Thank you for your time and have a great day everyone.

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