Just after I logged out I saw this and figured you guys would like to know. The CHipmunks are getting a new tv series if everything goes well according to this artile but sadly no dates for the series since if I read the article correctly they still need an agreement with this one company but if that goes well it looks like the Chipmunks will be back again. If I come across anything else I will update this post but I figured this was something worth posting about especially since I know a few of yu have been dying for a tv series. The one other article I read said that the TV series would use CGI that was redesigned for the series so sadly not hand drawn ike in the 80's but after all this time I am just glad to hear that the Chipmunks will be back on TV.

Small Edit here: forgot to mention that the new series will have 52 episodes that are 11 minutes long. So they will be shorter than the 80's cartoons too but still it will give me something else to watch on tv besides the older Pokemon episodes that come on tv every once in a while. Now if only the old 80's chipmunk cartoons were still on tv I would be very happy.

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