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What to cut from these plots?

Hey guys. I'm writing this blog to expand more on the appropriate length for episode plots briefly outlined in Munkapedia's Manual of Style. As stated in the MOS, plots should state the important details of the episode without being overly detailed or broad. This can vary person to person so this aspect will be touched on further here.

In order to determine the right length for a plot, one first needs to know two things: the total length of the episode and whether there is a unique plot style. Regardless of the episode length or style, the plot itself should be an even distribution of the episode's content.

Episode Length

The first criterion is very easy to determine given on any episode page one can find the episode infobox to the right of the page. Under the "Episode Information" section, the Episode number is listed.

The episode number is the indication its length. If it's a whole number then the episode is roughly 22 minutes long, with the exception of The Alvin Show episodes which are broken into shorts (explained on the series page - the main Chipmunk short is roughly seven minutes long). If the number is followed by a letter, eg. 46A or 46B, then the episode is roughly 11 minutes long. Consequently, non-60s whole number episodes should have longer plots than episodes with a letter in their episode number.

Unique Style

A unique plot style refers to how the episode was written. For example, Big Dreams has a split in the plot in which there is a poor and rich timeline. Another example would be Alvin in Analysis, which is a clip episode. These types of episodes require more detail in their plots than a standard episode to explain in a reasonable fashion what occurs within them. Without the extra detail, these episodes would be too broad.

Example Plots

The following are examples of various plot lengths given their episode lengths. Note the amount of detail in each. Plots will naturally vary a little to be shorter or longer for each episode length, but any that are much longer or shorter are unacceptable and should be rewritten.

7 Minute Plot Example

11 Minute Plot Example

22 Minute Plot Example

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