All editors and readers: please give this blog a few moments of your time for input.

This discussion is in response to Layout Changes: Breakpoints and Typography. As a quick overview, this Wikia-wide update seeks to transition away from many different layouts of articles that changed based on the screen size you use (the previous fluid page design) to a few more similiar layouts that change based on breakpoints of screen sizes (or, simply size classes). The typography change included primarily an increase in font size given a larger screen size.

The purpose of this update is reduce content area for the largest screen sizes in order to reinforce the construction of articles that are appealing to smaller screen sizes by using more consistent layouts across devices. This is mainly the result of some wikis/articles being constructed with larger screen optimization and ignoring smaller screens. Outside bugs (some of which were fixed last night and others which are actively being looked at), any formatting problems to the content itself (ie placement and breaking tables, NOT font issues) currently present are very likely the result of ignoring smaller screens. In summary, any problems now indicate that article likely exhibited visual problems before the update.

Now that the stage is set, I would like to ask if any of our editors are experiencing content formatting issues on any of our pages. If so, what are they and on what type of device/screen size do you see them? Much of the wiki was designed with a medium screen (1366 x 768px) in mind so we *shouldn't* have as many problems as other wikis currently are.

From what I have seen, the wiki appears to be just as it was before the update (minor spacing and font changes primarily). The only problem I've noticed so far was associated with our episode tables (on my tablet).

Any additional information is critical in the improvement of the wiki across all devices which are using us for information so please take a few minutes to include anything you find (including what I mentioned), or even what you didn't find.

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