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Welcome to 2016! As with all New Years, change is always inevitably around the corner. On the dawn of this year, Wikia plans to launch two NEW moderator groups tomorrow. These two groups have the potential to change how our site policy is written and how the Council of Chipmunks might function.


These groups, seen as "junior admin" positions, seek to lessen the burden of Admins and open up interest, training, and trust to users with a desire to one day take on the role of a full Admin. A similar position, entitled "Moderator", was created Wikia-wide about a year ago and these new positions are build off that original idea by encompassing a broader scope. These positions are as follows:

Discussions Moderators

This position seeks to maintain all areas in which discussion takes place, including chat, forum, blogs, and message walls. Such user privileges include (but not limit to) kicking/blocking users from chat, deleting comments, and moving threads.

Content Moderators

This position seeks to maintain all areas around content, including articles and files. Such user privileges include (but not limit to) deleting articles, protecting articles, rollback, and renaming files.

What's Next?

This really depends on the thoughts of users like yourself. If there's no desire for roles like these on the wiki, then the discussion can end now and we can continue operating as we've always done. But if anyone is open to these new groups, we can begin to assess how we will go about implementing and regulating them. Such discussion will results in a change in the wiki's policy and, very likely, a change in the composition of the Council as well.

Potential Implementation/Concerns

If there is a desire to use these groups on the wiki, the following consists of my ideas of how to move forward.

  • I think these user groups should only be limited to Council members for the very fact that all Admins are in the Council and all users likely to become Admins will join the Council before becoming an Admin (I didn't, but I think it's safe to say I was an outlier at the time).
  • Just like becoming a Bureaucrat, there should be a time requirement. I was thinking one to three months after becoming a Council member.
  • Should there be a cap on the number in these positions?
  • Should one or both groups be associated with the Council position like the rollback privilege is, should they be optional, or should they only be limited to those individuals the Council/wiki sees the most potential in? One of the two main uncertainties I have.
  • How should it be decided who gets what set of privileges? Should the user decide which they would like or should the Council decide that? The other of my two uncertainties.
  • As a reflection on the intended purpose of the Council, it's meant as a decision body comprising of Admins and regular users. I think we should be careful in how we move forward with giving every user more and more "power." I honestly wouldn't want the body to be seen as just a bunch of Admins making decisions with no say from the non-promoted user (though to be fair, every user has a right to state their opinions but perception can get in the way of that).

I'm not set in how we should precede. As evident above, I'm not sure the best route to take and I'm hoping with as many users as possible adding their ideas we can chisel a path that's best for the wiki. Please post your thoughts below and hopefully we can do just that!

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