This blog has been long in the making considering the number of problems that are constantly in need of fixing in the "Relationships" section of the chipmunks' article pages. Despite this section considered undesirable in the past in favor of strictly using the shipping pages, this isn't possible for all relationships. This section can offer benefit to the article, in terms of the main chipmunk relationships, and the reader, if constructed properly.

The Problem

Alvin and Brittany with Posters

"You obviously can't play this game."

As stated many times in edit summaries of the past, the focus of each subsection must be directed in a specific way. Why? Because every main character has identical, but variable, relationships (ie. Brittany and Simon and Simon and Brittany). If written generically (ie. in terms of both characters or worse, in terms of the same character on both pages), both pages would have the same information and be useless or annoying, repetitious sections of information for the reader. This statement here is what most overlook when contributing to these sections and, consequently, the result is most, if not all, of their edit being rejected.

The Solution

All edits to the section must be directed properly. For example, subsections on Jeanette's page should be written to reflect how that character (let's say Alvin) interacts or relates to the character the page is focused on (Jeanette). To explain further, check out the following correctly written relationship sections from two different characters.

Alvin & Jeanette
Tracy and Bess
Alvin's relationship with Jeanette
Jeanette and Alvin are friends. It's not uncommon for Alvin to stick up for Jeanette if someone is spreading lies or taking advantage of her, but there are still a few times Alvin uses her such as in My Fair Chipette. He has also shown moments where he becomes defensive of Jeanette as in Sisters when Brittany is ignoring her. He played Jeanette's boyfriend in Chip Tracy, but they are actors in this episode. In My Sister The Weirdo, Alvin agrees to help Jeanette get over her shyness at her request.
Jeanette's relationship with Alvin
Alvin and Jeanette are friends. She played Alvin's girlfriend in Chip Tracy, but they are actors in this episode. My Sister The Weirdo is one example in which Jeanette trusts in Alvin's abilities, such as his confidence, to help herself.

Though these examples aren't completely, the difference between the two interactions is very clear. Note that the first section is written similar to Alvin's point of view with the second close to Jeanette's. Each character offers, or gets, something different to/from the interactions between those two characters. Using the same description on both pages is inaccurate and defeats the purpose of having a relationship section.

What's Next?

Alvin and Eleanor in Soccer to Me

"A girl, on my team?"

Many of these subsections are written incorrectly and/or continue to be written incorrectly. This needs to stop today. When reading and editing these relationships, ask yourself "What is this character's relationship (or how does the individual behave/interact) with the character the page is dedicated to?" Hopefully it's been made clear that an Alvin and Eleanor and an Eleanor and Alvin relationship are not the same as how they see each other and what they get out of their interactions is not the same. As a side note, as originally intended, these sections are not meant to try and replace the couple pages.

I'm hoping, now that the confusion of this section has been cleared, we can write and keep information about the characters that is directed properly. As always, if you have questions or further discussion, please post below!

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