Yes it is me who has created three chipmunks females apellées Layla, Edene and Flower! Initially, before even having seen the film, I penssai there would be female (I did not know the Chipettes), so I imagined a female at once gentle and sensitive named Layla. I published a photo montage on a blog and many people found the cabbage ... When I went to see the film, I realized that there was not the slightest females ... Then when I knew there was a sequel to the film is fabulous, I have not lost espoire, so I create Edene and Flower! And I sent it to director of the film. Ceuli it my placing third in its list of friends on myspace official! I was sent several letters, but without réonce ... I pensse that the project is in talks, and if lucky mouse me, I vérais apparettre later in the film, three adorable little hairball is nomant: Layla, Edene and Flower!

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