aka skipper t.

  • I live in the imaginary universe in my head
  • My occupation is in the corner silently maintaining and creating the ALVINNN!!! side of the wikia,,
  • I am prefferred as they/them/theirs ; kid/kiddo
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" dreams absolutely do come true but they take time, dedication and patience. "
    -seán william mcloughlin, jacksepticeye.

also known as community manager prince asriel over on ;
young // autistic && special needs // socially awkward // introvert ,,
a full-time daydreamer ,, aromantic asexual && dogs trust volunteer

i've many special interests that're very important to me, which include ;
alvin and the chipmunks, niall horan, louis tomlinson, one direction, hamilton,
lin-manuel miranda, mary poppins returns, aladdin'19, disney/dreamworks,
undertale, deltarune, multiple youtubers && my youtuber heroes <3

" that's what you should remember when you're going through
   something difficult, is that maybe this will become an epic story someday. "
    -rhett james mclaughlin, good mythical morning.

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