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Hello I'm HaloFan500, 1st of the 2 Crats of MunkApediA, and good friend of 'Crat SJ4evr I'm mission is to bring to you the best Wiki I possibly can. I was introduced to the chipmunks by the 2007 film and hav been a MASIVE fan of the franchise ever since.


  • Name: Brandon
  • E-Mail address:
  • Yahoo! Messenger id: same as E-Mail
  • Munkpedia position: Crat
  • Other Chipmunk related projects: Chipmunk Music
  • Signiture: --Your good friend, and Admin HaloFan500 { My Talk } Time, Day, Month Year (UTC)
  • My Wiki's:



My Major Contribs

  • The Name MunkApediA
  • The Admin Logo's
  • The Wiki Logo
  • UserBoxes
  • And more to come......

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