Major Edits

  • A blog post logging all the details of my past major additions, deletions, revisions, and projects.

Recent Projects Completed

  • Reorganize The Alvin Show Episodes (Estimated Completion: Spring 2016, Status: COMPLETE)
    • This project's goal is to create the most accurate listing of 60s segments.
  • Create Detailed Documentation Pages for Templates (Estimated Completion: Summer 2016, Status: COMPLETE)
    • This project sought to improve understanding and use of all the wiki's templates for future users.
    • Those still needed (other than content templates) will be added when the template is updated.
  • Classify Original Songs (Estimated Completion: Spring 2016, Status: COMPLETE)
  • Creation and make-over of song pages (Estimated Completion: N/A, Status: COMPLETE)
    • This project sought to create a page for all of the franchise's songs.

Current Projects

  • Expand wiki's merchandise documentation (Estimated Completion: TBA, Status: Groups of merchandise added )
  • Creation and Expansion of Comic Pages (Estimated Completion: TBA, Status: Roughly 40% completed)
    • See Comics (primarily Dell & Harvey Classics).
  • Expansion of Book Pages (Estimated Completion: TBA, Status: Roughly 20% completed)
    • The purpose of this project is to add plots and illustrations.
  • Correct Licensing for Fair Use Images (Estimated Completion: Unknown, Status: Roughly half of images completed)
    • This project is key to fulfilling Fandom's licensing requirements. All screenshot images (from episodes, films, and specials) will have proper licensing at the completion of this project.
  • List of The Chipmunks and The Chipettes songs (Estimated Completion: Unknown, Status: Only episode songs left to be added from Season 7 & 8 + those in Music Overhaul list)
    • The goal of this project is to have a complete list of all real songs sung by The Chipmunks & The Chipettes, separated into two lists: original and cover songs.
  • Expand 80s Episode Pages (Estimated Completion: Unknown, Status: Seasons 1-6 Complete)
    • The purpose of this project is to expand all episode plots and add supporting images.
    • Season 6 is complete with the exception of the rare episodes.

Future Projects / Ideas

  • Fully represent all generations (ie. descriptions) on character pages (TBA)
  • Develop strategy to display merchandise in an orderly and appealing way (TBA)
    • Fix plush toy pages with this formatting and collect correct/unedited images
    • Organized and create opportunities to list non-US English media
  • Creation of minor character pages from the series (TBA)
  • Expand information on short and stub articles (TBA)
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