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Unbored is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When Dave takes away Alvin's phone, the boredom Alvin experiences is enough to drive him crazy.[2]


Alvin wakes up, starts his day, and can't stop yawning with every activity he does. He expresses his boredom to Dave, but Dave doesn't want to hear it given the fact he wants to finish writing his song. When Alvin insists on being stimulated by Dave, Dave lists ways Simon and Theodore are able to do so without him. Since Alvin can't seem to entertain himself, despite his various technology, Dave decides it's best he go without it until he can. Alvin goes ten minutes before bugging Dave for his technology back and being told to do something. He sluggishly plays soccer before attempting to get Dave's attention by pretending to be entertained by crickets and solar systems. Alvin tries to convince Dave he's not bored anymore and that he'd need his phone to go to the store in case of an emergency, but Dave doesn't fall for it. His next idea is to call Cheesy to bring him a phone; unfortunately for Alvin, Cheesy calls Alvin's phone multiple times and Dave startles Cheesy lurking outside. Alvin pretends to go mad in order to trick Theodore into giving him his phone, and after chasing Alvin, his brothers tape him to a chair. Simon and Theodore decide to help Alvin become unbored with a play, skateboarding, swinging from ropes, and laser tag, though Alvin is fixated on getting hold of a phone. Theodore recommends tennis, and despite being against the idea, Alvin excitedly comes up with a unique ball game in their room. Dave finishes his song, hears the boys playing, and decides to give Alvin his phone back. Alvin turns the offer down to play instead. Dave encourages them to be safe and have fun without breaking anything; shortly after, something breaks.




  • Edvard Grieg's "Morning Mood" can be heard playing during the beginning of this episode.
  • This is the second classical music piece to be played in the series. The first being Flower Duet in It's My Party (Episode).
  • This is the second time Alvin gets his phone taken away. The first was IHear.
  • During the song montage, Alvin is shown to be watching an episode of a parody of Pokémon on the TV.
  • Simon and Theodore's superhero costumes, Munk Man and Dr. Zap, make a reappearance.
  • Dave was shown to be working on the instrumental for "Turn the Page" throughout this episode.
  • Alvin's game of "Thumperball" is first introduced in the season three episode, The Fugitives.
  • The scene where Alvin starts to go crazy and talk to himself with long s's is likely a reference to Gollum/Sméagol from The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit.
  • A sneak peek was uploaded to Nicktoons UK.


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