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Turly is a minor-recurring character in the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks television series. She is Officer Dangus's dog.


Turly is predominately black with white and brown markings and white feet. She also has brown-tipped floppy ears and blue eyes. Her collar is brown, with a faint grey dot pattern, along with a silver loop, for her leash, on the back.


  • Officer Dangus is Turly's owner, though she was seen being walked in the streets by Miss Smith, during Simsky. It is unknown if she is related to Miss Smith or not.
  • Officer Dangus refers to her as a "good little hound."
  • She has a very good sense of smell, as noted by Dangus in Prank Calls when he mentions to Dave that she's "got a nose that could sniff out a pimple on a gopher in Timbuktu."
  • Turly resembles a Bordernese (Border Collie x Bernese Mountain Dog), both appearance (minus the brown dots above her eyes and the white stripe up her snout, and less white on the front of her neck) and height wise (she is seen to roughly come up to around knee height for standing, though is also shown to come up to around waist height for sitting - the average size for a female Bordernese is 23-28 inches).