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Turf War is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Needing to find a part time job in order to buy the latest video game, Alvin decides to "borrow" Brittany's baby-sitting job. But Basil, a sensitive little six year old boy, is not too thrilled at having Alvin look after him. So he decides to put Alvin through the wringer![3]


Dave is writing a new song and Alvin asks for another advance on his allowance in order to buy the latest video game. The only way Dave will give him the money is if he works for it. He tries doing chores such as moving boxes in the basement, mowing, and washing dishes. Desperate for an easier job, Theodore suggests babysitting so Alvin begins posting his credentials on a babysitting website before Theodore recommends going door-to-door. Alvin gets himself an electronic baby to take with him only to do a terrible job taking care of it. Back home, Alvin realizes he doesn't have to work so hard as he has Brittany's customer. Brittany stops by angered and informs Alvin that Basil's very sensitive. Once in Alvin's care, they try to have fun together but Basil has more than Alvin as Alvin's the toy or is being pranked. While playing hide-and-seek, Brittany arrives wishing to trick Alvin into thinking he lost Basil. After she loses him as well, they are locked outside when Basil goes back into the house to trash it. Once they go through an upstairs window and spot Basil, they are lassoed together. Brittany sorts out Alvin's earlier lie that she didn't want to babysit Basil and Basil convinces Alvin to buy the shoes Brittany has been after. Later, Alvin goes back to doing his chores for the money he needs.




  • Brittany wears size six shoes.
  • It is shown that Brittany occasionally babysits, but only for Basil, as babysitting other children will make Basil feel upset.
  • Alvin telling himself “he’s starting to sound like Dave” is a reference to Chipwrecked where Brittany said the same thing to him.
  • Basil's mother is shown to be Misty's mother too, in future episodes, so it is likely they're siblings.
  • Part of the Alvin Vs. Brittany and Driving Dave Crazy DVDs.


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