Trusty, an alternative identity of Simon Seville, is the main protagonist in The Chipmunks Go to the Movies episode Sploosh.


Trusty is a scientist often dressed in a white lab coat, light blue shirt, dark blue pants, and grey shoes. He also wears Simon's trademark blue glasses.


Trusty is the polar opposite of his abusive boss, Dr. Buford Bubbles. Unlike Dr. Bubbles, who seeks fame and fortune by any means, Trusty is a dedicated oceanographer concerned about the sea and the sea creatures he studies. Dr. Bubbles takes advantage of Trusty's earnest nature to make him do most of the work. When Dr. Bubbles captures a mermaid aptly named Montana, Trusty is concerned the captivity could harm her, while Dr. Bubbles sees her capture as a surefire way to gain fame and fortune. However Trusty later stands up to his selfish boss and goes to great lengths to ensure Montana's safety. There is one similarity between Dr, Bubbles and Trusty: neither appreciate Montana's screaming, as it is so high-pitched it can break glass.

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