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Treasure Island is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


On a rainy day, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore are playing video games until they manage to short out the TV. Since the repair guy won't be able to arrive to fix the TV for a few hours, Dave decides to read them Treasure Island to pass the time. In the tale Dr. Livesey and Squire Trelaney visit Mrs. Hawkins' inn in which they witness an argument between some pirates. Later that night Jim discovers Billy Bones drank himself to death and learns more pirates are looking for the treasure map to Captain Flint's loot. The doctor and squire find the map and set sail for the island. During the trip, Jim is trained to act like a pirate only to discover Long John Silver plans to turn the crew into shark bait after he finds the treasure.

Alvin doesn't want to read the book so he pulls out electric toys but the repair man comes and turns off all the power throughout the house to work on the TV. Simon, Theodore, and Dave try to get Alvin to join them, but he pulls out games requiring batteries instead. Just as Dave starts reading again, Alvin develops an interest in the story.

Jim informs Livesey and Trelawney of the captain's plan and they sneak off the ship. They dodge cannon fire until the doctor creates the treeapult to distract the pirates. They dig until a crazy lady runs up to them telling them not to steal the coconuts. They trip over a skeleton and Jim remembers something Billy Bones said. The pirates find them and the doctor hands over the map, but a button leads the group to the lady they saw earlier who already found the treasure. Needing a way off the island, they cover themselves in flour and act as the ghost of Captain Flint. The plan fails, but Jim tricks Silver's bird into telling the crew of his plans for them.

After the story concludes, the power's back on. Alvin has unplugged everything and surprisingly wants to read more. The boys pull out multiple books but settle for The Three Musketeers.




  • During the first part of the episode, Alvin is always getting pushed around every time he gets Simon and Theodore apple cinnamon porridge.
  • This is the first episode where Brittany appears without Jeanette and Eleanor.
  • Brittany is portrayed to be quite motherly, becoming furious when she finds out Alvin has a tattoo.
  • Part of the Batmunk DVD.


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