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Treasure Hunt is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Alvin forcibly assists Miss Croner in cleaning her basement when he discovers her throwing away a piece of paper that appears to be a treasure map. After negotiating on a split on the treasure, Alvin rushes to the Seville House to tell his brothers only to discover The Chipettes in their room. He attempts to hide the map but having heard his shout they pin him down on the stairs, taking his map. Simon looks at the map before claiming all of them would need to work together to understand it. The Chipettes and Simon's brothers ready themselves for the hunt, dropping a walkie-talkie on the floor. They travel through the countryside, taking a wrong turn on the way, before arriving at the "x" on the map. Exhausted and believing Miss Croner tricked them, the chipmunks head home leaving Alvin behind. Meanwhile, Alvin's flashlight dies causing him to throw it at a tree opening a hole in which he falls into. With the walkie-talkie Alvin tells Simon of his plight and gives a dark monologue as he waits for someone to find him. Once he has a working flashlight, Alvin discovers the treasure was real and Theodore assists him in moving a chest just as the underground structure begins collapsing. Miss Croner opens the chest and they learn it's filled with priceless photos of her and her husband. The doorbell rings later at the Seville residence for Miss Croner sought to pay Alvin with an old doll. He dismisses the gift though Simon informs him of its worth so Alvin runs after her.




  • Talking Teddy makes a reappearance in this episode.
  • Simon's Munk Mobile also makes a reappearance in this episode.
  • The episode has similarities to the 80's episode When the Chips Are Down.
  • It's sadly revealed in this episode that Miss Croner was married and is now a widow.
  • Alvin stating Miss Croner is the one who will end up getting all the treasure and Simon's disinterest is likely a reference to The Chipmunk Adventure.


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