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Tommy is a minor character in the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks television series as one of the students in The Chipmunks' school.


Tommy is shown to have brown hair. He has Caucasian skin and brown eyes. He wears a red, white, and green hat with two stars and a symbol on resembling a six. He wears a medium-sleeved red flannos shirt with black jeans. He is seen wearing brown and tan shoes in some episodes, while in others brown and white shoes.


Tommy is portrayed in the episode Mutiny as a bully, striking a deal with Alvin to make fun of the other chipmunks to get in return an autographed soccer ball from Alvin.


  • The color of shoes changes between episodes, from brown and white to brown and tan.
  • His name was revealed in the episode The Great Chipmunk Detective.
  • Jimmy the Paperboy is a remodel of Tommy.