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Time Flies is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Brittany's watering flowers when she spots Alvin sneaking into a vent leading to the basement of the Seville House. She follows to investigate but slides into Alvin, causing a startled Simon to accidentally break his latest invention. Simon overhears Alvin hypothesize that the device is a time machine and he must learn how to use it in order to fix his mistake of deleting Simon's term paper, leading Simon to go upstairs. Turning their attention back to Simon, the pair finds him missing and instantly believe he's jumping through time given the numbers on the screen. They show their siblings the images and the chipmunks envision Simon running from dinosaurs, cavemen, and aliens. Alvin calls Dave, who doesn't think Simon being gone is a big deal, so they check on Jeanette as she finishes repairs. Meanwhile, Simon explains to a storekeeper how his photo booth works before inquiring about an unique part that needs replacing. With no luck, Simon wonders around town as The Chipettes and his brothers try sending Alvin through time, all the while photos of blended time periods drop into the machine's image slot. Upset that the machine isn't working, Theodore runs upstairs and collides into Simon as he walks in the front door. Simon reveals the truth about the machine and enlists Theo to help get Alvin back. With a dramatic magical effect, Simon proclaims to Alvin he's interrupted the space-time continuum and Alvin must help him bring in extra current for the machine. While Simon sleeps, Alvin holds a device on the roof he's lead to believe will help fix space time.




  • A sneak peek clip was uploaded to
  • Goof: Simon runs off the edge of the planet and falls through space.
  • "Anything But Alright" can be heard playing from Dave's sound mixer.
  • Simon's Time Machine shares similarities (shape-wise) with the TARDIS from Doctor Who.
  • Some of the props seen in previous season one episodes make reappearances: Alvin's viking helmet from Mystic Mountain, Alvin's cowboy hat and bandanna from Carts and Crafts, and Alvin's pirates hat from Reality Or Not.


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