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Time Capsule is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When the school digs up an old high school time capsule, Miss Smith and Dave work together to keep an old secret.[2]


Miss Smith is interrupted from her lesson by Dotson who gives exciting news about the creation of a time capsule, as a replacement for the old one. This news startles Miss Smith as she was under the impression the old capsule wouldn't be opened for a hundred years. At the Seville House, The Chipmunks and The Chipettes discuss what to place in the capsule: Alvin wants to use a photo of himself, Brittany the latest trend in clothing, and Theodore some food. Dave learns the old capsule is due to be dug up and reacts similarly to Miss Smith. Alvin and Eleanor believe Dave's being "super weird" and Alvin intends to discover why. He questions Dave in the morning though Dave successfully dodges the question by claiming to have a conference call. Back at school Alvin attempts to learn more from Miss Smith but only does once he eavesdrops on her phone call and sees a map on her desk. He reports his findings to his brothers allowing for Simon to pinpoint exactly where the time capsule is buried. They take the Munk Mobile to school and dig up the steel box, though are stopped from opening it by Dave and Miss Smith. Alvin refuses to give up the box so the pair agree to spill their secret - Dave wrote romantic letters to Miss Smith when he was ten. The students fill their new capsule the following day and Dotson reveals the items in the old capsule, including a cassette tape, headband, and farty putty. When a photo is found in the box, Miss Smith grabs and eats it to keep it a secret. Alvin and Miss Smith walk away together and Alvin asks for special treatment considering they could have been family, much to her frustration.




  • Simon's Munkmobile makes a reappearance.
  • Dave wears the same black suit he wore in the season three episode Career Day.
  • While scanning the ground for the time capsule, The Chipmunks pass a stegosaurus fossil.


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