• So on the pages for Alvin, Simon, and Theodore it already lists the characters’ clothing and pajamas but what about their underwear? I’m just making a suggestion but not really sure if this is that significant to add on there.

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    • Reply? Don't mean to get on you, but just checking if you saw this

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    • Sorry 'bout the lack of reply (sometimes I read stuff and forgot to reply when something else comes up). As for the topic, I can see it going either way. It's a detail that could be mentioned, but then again it's not really significant as it's not something seem often.

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    • oh, so do you think it should be added on the page?

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    • I would personally omit it, from the perspective that it's not a big part of their appearance and could be seen as a little inappropriate to discuss in the articles.

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    • okay

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