• I am wondering since the Chipmunks reboots in the movies and CGI show, we have yet to see Clyde Crashcup appear?

    Why is that? Is it rights issues? We seen in this show Simon and Jeanette can be genious and create some crazy stuff like the Chippettes super hero episode, you could easiler use Clyde as a mentor.

    By comparison Ducktales 2017 series they embrace all of its past versions (well except for the lack of Daisy, April, May, and June, I am still waiting) weather the Carl Barks comics, or the European comics as well the original 1987 series. Why can't this show do the same here with Clyde.

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    • I'm not sure. Most characters from TAS aren't developed enough to show up in any other iterations without questioning any sudden development. I could see why characters from the 80s series could appear, as the development is very similar across the two animated series. 

      I'd personally like to see previous Clyde Crashcup material released, as that was my favorite part of TAS. However, to show up as a character to interact with the others after skipping years of intense development would be very difficult because interpretations of what smaller details should be and what creative direction should be taken will be very different. 

      I personally think they should get Ms. Miller more screen time and being her old self before even considering touching any minor characters from pervious iterations. If anything, Clyde and other TAS characters should appear as cameos in either a magazine/comic someone is reading, advertising, or as action figures. 

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    • I would claim two reasons for this: Clyde was primarily independent from The Chipmunks and age of the character.

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