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    This thread is open to any reviews, comments, criticisms, improvements, goofs, etc directed towards the next four episodes of the television series: The Devil Wears Rodentia, Career Day, Lost in Space...Camp, and Super Hot Chocolate.

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    • // my favourite episodes; "lost in" && "super hot chocolate!"
      my favourite songs; "starman" && "be good!"

      but i loved the other two episodes && their songs,, too,, especially "all day, all night."

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    • Be Good became in one of my absolutely favorite songs of them! And I loved Simon's voice in Starmen, a pretty interesting song.

      The episodes were good, Career Day and Lost in Space were my favorite.

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    • The Devil Wears Rodentia Good Career Day Awesome Lost In Space Camp Meh Super Hot Chocolate Okay

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    • The Devil Wears Rodentia was a difficult one to watch, given Marina's behavior. Feel for the boys being dragged into shopping by the girls lying to them. Love the song though.

      Career Day. This was was a little bit ridiculous. Dave, a bank robber? Please guys. Dave creeping was a bit creepy, haha. Not normally something Dave would do but it shows a bit more similarity with something Alvin would do. Good song.

      Lost in Camp...Camp was pretty good. A pretty heavy focus on Theo and I liked that. Probably my favorite moment in this one is Alvin standing firm with Theo to deal with the bully. Funny this episode shows how little Theo chews his food, like how do you swallow stuff nearly whole man? I liked this song as well.

      Super Hot Chocolate was my favorite, easy. I enjoyed nearly every single moment of it. Simon actin' a little loopy for autumn, Alvin and the snail, the wind, people misunderstanding what Theo was referring to, the great song. The little devil and angel Theo was a perfect touch too. Classic Alvin misunderstanding words.

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