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    16:23, June 7, 2020

    I ship Alvin and Simon, but the only infoboxes for Couples we’re all Heterosexual/romantic! I find this strange because Alvon is such a popular ship (especially on Wattpad). I don’t find this a major problem just something I’d thought I’d say

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    • Alvin And Brittany

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    • No, I'm not going through this here too. This wiki is strictly for canon material and any templates/etc are only to support the canon pairings.

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    • I didn’t expect you to get mad over this, but ok I accept your opinion

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    • Not so much mad, just nearing the end of my patience on the topic (not your fault and I'm sorry if I sounded snappy). The last part is still true though. The wiki doe not support fanon material and that includes "mixed" ships.

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