• so in the song Chipmunk In Charge Simon is clearly head to say "It doesnt mtter the opponent I'll defeat his a**" but in the official lyrics it says "it doesnt matter the opponent I'm defeating them". But when i search the Wiki for the word a** it brings up the song Chipmunk In Charge and shows the word a**. But when clicked on it brings up the lyrics with the change. Why is this being covered up?


    Results for ass from Alvin and the Chipmunks Wiki

    it This is my presidential era, I'm representing The voters know me, and they really love my leadership It doesn't matter the opponent, I'll defeat his ass! Alvin: Certified…**

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    • Okay, if you're seriously interested in being civil and constructive you need to get over the conspiracy mindset. There's no such thing happening here or elsewhere. Now, if we can get past that and you are willing to have a discussion on good faith we can continue.

      Let's try to break down the whole picture here, back to when the episode aired, starting with the links you provided. First two links - nothing. Third link, you see a segment off lyrics with "I'll defeat his ass!" What you are most likely seeing is a cached (archived basically) description of the article; this is not the actual article text. The incorrect URL below the text also supports this. Fandom's search feature is one of the worst features they've developed which is a great reason to use a search engine for anything more than an article title.

      A song's lyrics are typically written by one of the most active editors here and in the fandom and then compared to fans that frequently make lyric videos. When the article was created, the lyric was believed to be "I defeated them." Some fans believed it was "I'll defeat his ass!" so they included it in their videos, even asking Nick about it. Back then Nick was releasing lyric videos of songs and this song was released by them, containing the current lyric - "I'm defeating them!" This lead to a new fan review of the song and some began questioning whether Simon even swore, which didn't seem likely to start with. Nick's video wasn't entirely accurate (the first I believe, I think they later deleted it), but Simon's final line seemed correct, backed up by fans slowing down the song. While Nick isn't the best/original source for lyrics, they do provide some backing for the current lyrics. We may never find out what the official lyrics are and may be left with fan speculation.

      I originally believed Simon swore when I first heard it (my TV in my living room doesn't provide as HD sound as my computer speakers). As I looked into the song more, the current lyrics, supported by Nick, were finally heard (as I told you before, sometimes lyrics to songs suddenly become clear - can be any song). I haven't heard him swore in any of my listens of the song since. That being said, no one's hearing is an objective source.

      The current lyrics are there for three primary reasons: multiple active fans believe it's correct, the likelihood Simon swore in the series is very low, and Nick's video.

      Additional discussion from other active fans can be found on the article's talk page.

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    • thanks for allowing civil discussion. Good thoughts, but heres my thought if I may...even if you slow down the song (I cant) I'm sure one of the words is "deafeat his" not "I defeated them". It doesnt sound even phonetically close to what the "Official lyrics" claim. Think about it. He says more words than that. One may or may not be ass. Whatever the case, its not what the lyrics show. In my opinion.

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    • Well I think MunkLover is trying to say that there definely a second word in there and I can hear that second word as well. Whether it be the swear or the word "as" for the phrase to "defeat them/him as they are no matter what" except without the words past "as" to shorten it. But is hard to tell because english has so many homonym words and it up to interpretation. Though the second last word varies for like "him", "his" and "them" which all or most fit into the context. Though I'm pretty sure there definitely a second word in there that isn't included in the wiki's lyrics.

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    • Clever debate. I recall the song, and rhythmically, there is a second word, that is monosyllabic and ends in an aspiritive "s" sound. I thought the same thing as SteelMushroom, that it was an "as" connecting the two lines. However, as I recall, you tend to hear mostly Alvin singing lead on the song. In fact, "Ice Cream Dreams" is the only song sung by the boys in this series that doesn't have Alvin singing lead the entire time, although he is the most prominent voice in the chorus of said song. Therefore, it would have been Alvin saying the lines most clearly, although you can hear either Simon or the Chipettes on the background vocals.

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    • Chipmunk in Charge is all 6 with Simon then Avloin takng a verse, The Chipettes ending it off and Theodore providing backing vocals during Simon and Alvin's parts. Simon doesn't swaer at all since it's a song in a kids show.

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    • As with one s is used much like because, and is a very commonly used word. It's been a long time since I watched that and earlier episodes because the kimcartoon app disappeared on Android, and my Windows PC freaked out when I tried it on desktop (stupid Windows 10). I haven't seen any older episodes since November/December. Was this a B side episode? Kimcartoon didn't have many of those, so I may have only watched it twice on the Nickelodeon app before app trouble ensued. 

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