• Hello! I'm Everything Cartoons and I joined Munkapedia two weeks ago but I knew about this for quite sometime now I just never thought of actually joining. Anyway, I'm a HUGE fanboy when it comes to 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s movies and TV shows. Basically a fan of POP CULTURE!!! I'm especially a HUGE Chipmunk fan as you can tell by the picture I've chosen for my account. If U ask me anything about The Chipmunks or the girls, I should have an answer. Will quick, I'm a NERD when it comes to SUPERHEROES! ( Marvel and DC Comics) I'm more of a DC Comics fan! Yeah DC!!! Thanks for letting me Introduce myself. Byeeeeeee! ALVIN!!!!!!

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    • I'm also a fan of Comics. That might count as the Superhero thing. lul

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