• I rewatched The Chipmunk Adventure because it's an amazing movie but the one thing that struck me the most about that movie was the baby penguin part when they were in the hot air balloon escaping the desert. It was super emotional because Eleanor and Jeanette were attached to the baby penguin. Later in that scene Brittany did feel bad about the penguin too. 
    What do you guys think about that scene? Is there a different scene that struck you the most than this? Or even from the CGI movies or the Wolfman or Franklinstien movie.

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    • I haven't seen the film in the while, but I think the song makes the scene.

      The only other sad-like scene I can recall sticking with me was when Simon walked away ashamed of himself after telling Brittany he couldn't help save Jeanette from Zoe in Chipwrecked.

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    • When Dave Dumps The Chipmunks In The First Film

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    • I personally found the whole Fuji scenes to be traumatizing as a 6 year old watching the Chipmunk Adventure. I felt bad about the whole losing a character to sacrifice type of thing. I'd watch it again, as a nostalgic TV time with my siblings.

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