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    22:30, March 20, 2019

    Hi DEmersonJMFM; I'm Amanda with FANDOM's community development team! I wanted to see if you were interested in turning on Discussions.

    In case you are unaware of the feature, Discussions was introduced last year to help communities engage with users and fans. It lives in its own space on the wiki and allows users to interact with other members of the community. It is also mobile friendly, and gives mobile users a chance to contribute and engage with the community, and possibly turn them into wiki editors as well. You can read more about Discussions here.

    For more information on migrating forums to Discussions, you can check out this blog over on Community Central that explains everything in detail.

    If you have some concerns, Discussions and Forums can exist side-by-side in case you do not want to migrate just yet. However, eventually all Forums will be migrated over to Discussions, so getting ahead of the curve is never a bad idea.

    Let me know what you think, and if you want to proceed I can get the ball rolling.

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    • This post is just to acknowledge I've read this. Our active editors here are gonna discuss this more before making a decision.

      I've followed Discussions from nearly the beginning as I used to be very active on CC (I haven't really looked into it much lately). There's been many improvements to the feature as well as some new things the current Forum lacked. Personally, there are some big necessities that are missing from Discussions: no highlighting of discussions, lack of wikitext support (for one, having to display a URL to link is a bit pathetic to me - thinking of threads like this that would look stupid in that format), and no Topics replacement. We have a board for editing projects and that'll be a problem with no wikitext/styling support. I know Discussions isn't MediaWiki, but I really don't want button styling. It's too slow.

      I know Discussions will become the new "norm" one day, but these issues are big ones and migration is the last thing on my mind.

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    • I understand your concerns. Please take your time and get back to me when you can.

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    • We've decided to allow Discussions to be enabled, but we are not currently interested in Forum migration. The new Announcements feature solves the highlighting issue, but I'd still like to see more work done with Discussions to take into account our concerns regarding our Forum content.

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    • Sorry for the late response! But awesome that you're open to having Discussions! I'll go ahead and enable them. Thanks!

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    • Hmm, I just wondered something. Can specific Board: threads be migrated to Discussions now, or is the current migration capability just all or nothing?

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    • I believe it's all or nothing.

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    • That's too bad. I was considering the idea of migrating all the Boards that don't heavily rely on wikitext.

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