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    This thread is open to any reviews, comments, criticisms, improvements, goofs, etc directed towards the next four episodes of the television series: Independence Day, Opposites Attract, Temporary Mom, and Tee Fore Two.

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    • It’s was funny but I wish that the chipmunks don’t have to alway’s relay on Dave for everything. Even I. The episode of the The tree house they couldn’t even take care of themselves and alway’s need to run to save when they have issues. That makes the chipmunks weak in these episodes because they need Dave constantly there as a mother and that sucks.

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    • favourite episodes;; "temporary mom" && "tee fore two"
      favourite songs;; "perfect day" && "i most want to do"
      ((really hope these two songs get extended,, someday))

      but i loved "independence day" && "opposites attract"
      && their two included episode songs,, aswell!

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    • as of today I checked on "Independence Day" merged with "Opposites Attract", but the problem is Independence Day on has been cut short by few minutes, why is that?

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    • Tenter wrote: as of today I checked on "Independence Day" merged with "Opposites Attract", but the problem is Independence Day on has been cut short by few minutes, why is that?

      No idea what's up with Nick. They've had some episodes messed up online before. Can't really do anything 'bout it.

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    • I think Opposites Attract was my favorite. Such an interesting idea that one of Simon's inventions caused that to happen to the boys.

      Temporary Mom is that plot that keeps making you wonder what it would be like if the brothers had a mother. We'll probably never see it, especially since there's no real continuum in the series. Would be thoughtful for them to experience Dave (and them) getting close to someone, have them stay for a while, and have to also learn about losing someone that's been close. I know there's been some shots at this but nothing altogether.

      Tee Fore Two showed some much needed bonding between Alvin and Miss Smith. I think some fans are too hard on Miss Smith though from her perspective Alvin wouldn't be someone easy to deal with (remembers Principal Milliken).

      Independence Day. Typical crazy Alvin, ends up in a dog house. The tree house at the end is pretty sick though. Here's hopin' it makes some returns in future episodes.

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    • Tee For Two

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    • A FANDOM user
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