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    22:26, March 20, 2019

    Do you ever notice that the song, Running Fast, was heard on The Bully Ballet and as an instrumental version on the Chipmunks Valentine Special? 

    Honest Fun appeared on two episodes: Rock n Robot and the Chipmunks Valentine Special ;)

    Some of the Chipmunks background music was copied from Rubik the Amazing Cube, the football scene of Saturday Supercade's Donkey Kong (The Great Ape Escape) and the Christmas Jingle Bells jingle from DK Jr (The Christmas Story). Also a notice at the witch doctor tiki home, from Curse of Lontikithe background music is oddly familiar to Donkey Kong Junior's BGM. Also on Rock n Robot, the western music (duel with the robot and Alvin) came from Donkey Kong Junior (Trucknapper Caper). ---

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