• Congrats on being promoted to the content moderator position. You'll officially have the tools shortly.

    The main tools you now have are listed on the moderators page. Keep in mind the wiki's policies when using these tools (they shouldn't be used just to use them as you might know). There are also links on the linked page above on how to un/delete and un/protect. Generally pages are only deleted if they are vandalism/spam. Protection should be used conservatively and must have a good reason in order to protect a page. A single bad edit isn't usually a good reason to protect a page.

    Renaming pages/files (as well as suppressing redirects) can have many, many negative consequences if done incorrectly. You need to use Special:WhatLinksHere every time you consider moving something and, before you do, you need to make sure no links are listed there (normally you can find a link to this special page in "My Tools" in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen). Files do not need a redirect when renamed (unless they are used on many pages). Articles that are old and have had that name for a long time (or the name is quite different) should have a redirect. If a file is highly used, don't rename it for a minor reason.

    If you use these tools, be sure to provide a detailed reason as to why you are doing so.

    Other tools include Rollback, which you're familiar with, as well as patrolled edits. This means that your edits will not be marked with a red '!' on Special:Recentchanges. These edits are generally ones that inform a user with tools that this edit should be looked into just to make sure it's a good edit. You can also mark them as patrolled (something that's not easy to explain because it's not always consistent). Doing so will just remove the exclamation.

    You should be able to use the replacing videos video to show you around that bug.

    If you need help or are unsure of when to use one of your tools please do let me know and I'll assist.

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