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    Just a heads up: the lyrics section of song pages may be changing in the near future (the look will be the same for non-mobile, ie. non-phone, devices as it is now but editing lyrics will be a little different). The change will be most noticeable on phones (Wikia changed the behavior of the code pre box, which is what the lyrics are in currently by adding the one space at the start of each line, so that lyrics are all on one line with this method). The new layout will correct this behavior for mobile devices (also an improvement from the behavior of the pre class before Wikia's change which sort of placed lyrics in paragraph form) by placing each line of lyrics on a separate line.

    If there is a new layout, the coding will be as user friendly as possible (code will be placed in templates with clear documentation). We'll then need to start editing all song pages to implement the new layout. Any questions, concerns, and updates can/will be placed below.

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    • It looks like templates aren't possible with the tags that I'm hoping to use (the tags need to be used directly on the article page though I've tucked away the styling for them). One negative I discovered is that edits to lyrics cannot be made in either of the visual editors (coding on song pages isn't very advanced so using source for lyrics might not be a problem for most users?). On the plus side though, the bug affecting edits caused by users using the new VisualEditor is no more and there's no need for a space in front of every line with the change.

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    • ooh! oo:

      looking forward to seeing the new layout!! ^-^ :33

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    • ( ooh, btw, a little off topic, but!! on your sandbox page, the one where you're testing the new layout, i noticed that you'd put down "Happy Birthday from The Chipmunks" and "Chuck Wagon's Song" and then put "yes NEW" at the end of them, are they brand new songs?? :oo )

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    • ChirpyChipmunks wrote: ( ooh, btw, a little off topic, but!! on your sandbox page, the one where you're testing the new layout, i noticed that you'd put down "Happy Birthday from The Chipmunks" and "Chuck Wagon's Song" and then put "yes NEW" at the end of them, are they brand new songs?? :oo )

      That section deals partially with the Music Overhaul group project but mostly with the PageTags project. Here I'm trying to verify song titles and songs believed to be original. "Yes" means the title is confirmed and the song is original. "Yes NEW" means the title is confirmed, the song is original, and the song isn't yet on the wiki. The origin of "Happy Birthday from The Chipmunks" isn't clear (it may be the real title to "We Wish You a Happy Birthday" from the episode Grandpa and Grandma Seville). "Chuck Wagon's Song" I haven't heard in a long time but comes from the episode Hillbilly Son (though I don't remember for certain if it had lyrics). The rest still need to be researched more.

      As for the new layout, what's in my sandbox is likely the final layout. I'll be converting a few song pages so everyone can see it in action and offer more input.

      Edit: Here are the example pages. Check them out on your devices and let me know if you see a problem anywhere.

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    • I just wanted to summarize the changes here:

      • There should be no visual change for non-mobile (non-phone) users.
      • Mobile users should be able to see all lyrics much easier than previously.
      • Lyrics will no longer be open to edits through one of the visual editors.
      • Source mode must be used to edit lyrics as the visual editors can't (yet) render the tags visually.

      How to implement the changes (ALVINNN!!! Songs will be changed last):

      1. Place <poem> on a new line before the first speaker (after the video or image if there is one in the lyrics space).
      2. Place </poem> on a new line after the last line of lyrics of the version being worked on.
      3. Review the lyrics carefully. On lines that don't begin with a space (spaces will be highlighted in a pink/red color), you need to add </poem><poem> (each tag on a new line). Doing so creates the sections for lyrics that repeat.
      4. Any single space in front of lyrics (if there are two spaces before a line of lyrics, leave one space) or any spaces on empty lines need to be deleted due to the tags honoring spaces (meaning they will show as spaces on the article if they aren't removed).
      5. Repeat the above steps if more than one version of the song.
      6. Be sure to remove any spaces before the video or image in the lyrics space, if there is one (if missed, the video or image will appear halfway off the screen on a mobile device).
      7. Preview the changes with the desktop and mobile preview options. If done correctly, the page should look exactly the same as before, on desktop (if something is different a step was completed incorrectly or incompletely).
      8. Add "Mobile optimization" to the edit summary and publish.

      Edit: To keep track of what's done, I've finished:

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    • All song pages should now be complete and optimized for mobile viewers.

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