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    This thread is open to any reviews, comments, criticisms, improvements, goofs, etc directed towards the next four episodes of the television series: I Will Survive, Alvin's Got A Brand New Bag, Art for Art's Sake, and Mancave.

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    • "I Will Survive;" even though i had to watch this online, i still really-really liked this episode ALOT!! :33 especially it's song, which i'd love to have a full version of!! :D

      "Alvin's Got A Brand New Bag;" even though i had to watch this one online, too, i still really enjoyed it, and it's plot! i love-love-love the song in this one, ALOT!! ^-^ :33 - this one's probably my favourite out of the two, hehe!

      i saw "Art for Art's Sake" and "Mancave" in french, but i won't give anything away, don't worry! ^-^ i'll wait until they've aired for you guys in the US, before giving my review about them! :33

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    • Can't claim a favorite yet, but I liked Alvin's Got A Brand New Bag just a little more than I Will Survive.

      As we most know, I Will Survive was released on a while ago in the place of Warbie. I seen it and liked it. Still do though one of my problems is that they portray "nerds" as being, not weak, but pathetically weak (a butterfly overwhelmed Simon when doing a pushup). Though I get the show is somewhat a comedy, showing this bugged me.

      Another point I brought up when I reviewed What A Gem: Alvin's injuries. He practically stood up and was in a cast. Here he swung off a branch. He should of been in a fully body cast instead of just having a sprained ankle. Just a couple points that annoyed me in this one.

      As for the positives, I did enjoy Simon using more his brains than brawn in the challenge. He received a good bit of support from Alvin, even when expected to lose (except the moment Simon overheard them talking).

      Alvin's Got A Brand New Bag is the episode about material things. Not necessarily saying this is bad; I'm sure we've all have that item that we hold most dear (hopefully not everything though). Maybe it's just me (with my lack of knowledge about purses), but wouldn't you expect an expensive bag like that to be made better? The ending was by far the best part of the episode (plus Brittany and Eleanor's look of cluelessness). It also seems that Marina Rodenchia is becoming more of a regular character (wasn't very fond of her first appearance) though she offers the celebrity angle in the show.

      The songs, as usually, are catchy and fun.

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    • This is the SECOND time in the show 'Alvin' has ended up with a BROKEN leg! What's up with that?  : /

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    • Really you saw NEW episodes already? LUCKY you!  : )

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    • RubyRedRose22 wrote:
      This is the SECOND time in the show 'Alvin' has ended up with a BROKEN leg! What's up with that?  : /

      It was stated specifically that he sprained his ankle.

      Edit Attempt #2: Seen the last two yesterday so let's wrap up.

      Art For Art's Sake was okay. My biggest criticism was how insecure, nervous Brittany was (two or three times she mentioned how "vulnerable" she was). This just didn't sound quite right for her. Her switching her interest from fashion to art was very believable given that some kids follow celebrity idols way too closely (her not reacting to paint on her shirt, that was a big initial shock). Another issue is the recurring theme in which one or more characters lies to another about whether they think something is nice or not (She's Got Style is only one example though this one make more sense). I get morale building can be good, but constructive criticism can be better. I've been enjoying the fact that the police officer is becoming more of a regular in the series.

      Mancave was my favorite of these four and a decent wrap to Season 1. Despite this episode being my favorite, I still had some problems with it. The biggest is likely that fact that there's already been a story about a female character coming into the Seville House threatening Alvin's "mancave" (Sister Act) so the base of the story is just a rehash. It was pleasing to see Miss Miller in a non-cameo role as well as the cuckoo bird scene (man Alvin seems to have many nightmares in this series). On a side rant, peas and carrots!?! Please give some variation in their diets. Eating the same thing over and over is bad for your heath! The episode had many good laughable lines and tied some episodes together such as Simon's voice changer from Slippin’ Thru My Fingers and the cop finally recognizing Dave. Plus, we finally got the last episode song version from the We're The Chipmunks album ("I See You").

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    • I Will Survive was good, I saw the side of Simon being carefree and all that Alvin stuff in him. In that sun light to Si's glass scene , I thought to myself, Shouldn't he be eliminated? and those berry scene laughed my pants off. Alvin's Got A New Bag made me think that the episode will be a 21 min or 12/13 min of Alvin saying No to the choices of other bags and at the last scene,he agreed because the bag cannot be easily breaked but it was a contrast. Britanny got it and got easily broke. Still doesn't see Art's for Art Sake and Mancave but I'm happy that Miss Miller is now saw full-length and not a cameo.

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    • My thoughts on Mancave, I actually would have liked it that Dave and Julie end up together.

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    • The Only Ones I Liked Were Mancave And Art For Art's Sake

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    • A FANDOM user
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