• technically i think i know some of you guys from the alvinnn forum. but in case some of u don't know who i am hi! my name is Robin Felix. i been obsessed with alvin and the chipmunks ever since 2009. some people say im too old to watch them ( ahem family) and some say i need to out grow it (friends) but yeah. again i might know some of you from the forum but i want to say hi to some people who don't know. i might have screwed up with something while writing this, and if i did just please tell me. but anyway nice to meet you all! :)

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    • welcome to munkapedia! :33 (i'm admin jeanette on the aatc/alvinnn forum!)

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    • Hey there and welcome!

      I don't recognize you specifically from the forum, but I'm sure we're had some kind of interaction there. Most of the fans I've interacted with are in their late-teens or twenties so don't believe the nonsense that you're too old to watch. My mother used to get on to me about my involvement in the franchise but now she doesn't and actually watched the new episodes with me. Finally, there's nothing wrong with your post. Just review the information in the welcome message on your wall and feel free to ask any questions you might have.

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