• Hey guys! I've always loved the chipmunks and have officially decided to join the chipmunk fandom lol. Just wanted to ask how to comment on an episode if anyone knows? Thanks guys for the warm welcome!

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    • welcome to munkapedia! :33

      i'm assuming the episode you mean is "doggoneit"? ^^;; i've watched the episode in french, jeanette has a bigger appearance/speaking role than the other girls, britt and ellie don't really speak - they appear in one scene only oo: 

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    • Welcome!

      Any comments about how to improve an article (through editing) can be added on the article's talk page. Comments about episodes that have aired in English can be added to Munkapedia's community review series. Episodes that haven't aired in English aren't openly discussed here and all of these types of pages are marked as spoilers. The episodes that haven't aired in English get basic information (characters and songs) from the French releases.

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    • Thanks guys!

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