• Welcome to a new Munkapedia community review series in which you are the critic! This review forum series is for the new ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks episodes that have aired at least in English four per forum thread. The series seeks to focus on your thoughts so avoid going too much into the plot details here.

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    This thread is open to any reviews, comments, criticisms, improvements, goofs, etc directed towards the next four episodes of the new series: Sister Act, Lil'T, What A Gem, and Family Spirit.

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    • Wow, I feel like I've been writing all day. Since I'm finally mostly done elsewhere, I'll kick this party off.

      Sister Act is the first of the four episodes for this thread. Basically, Jeanette and Eleanor get into a fight with Brittany (figures) and move in with the boys, somewhat kicking them out. I liked the interactions with Eleanor and Alvin ("You want to talk about something you can't talk about!") as well as Eleanor and Dave. Just about everything in this episode was great (Alvin trying to read Simon's book, haha). Overall, I don't see any problems with this episode though I was hoping to know what their fight was about.

      Lil'T featured the hit "Ice Cream Dreams," one of the first clips made public. This episode was all about the development of Theodore's confidence. Also, seeing Theodore trying to act thug-like was priceless. I found it interesting how Bigs recognized Alvin and Simon before Theodore did. I would really like to hear an extended version of the final song. No major criticisms of this episode either.

      What A Gem was perhaps my least favorite of these four. "Evil oversized squirrel" was a perfect insult. How Alvin injured his leg made no sense to me. He practically just stood up and he had to get a cast. What, is he elderly? The Chipettes interactions with Alvin seems to me the best scenes of this episode. We do have a Cadet's Regrets-like moment with Theodore though. I wish I had some "I can't hear Alvin headphones." Some of the plot seemed off or unnecessary.

      Family Spirit brings up the first size indication of the boys. Simon states Alvin is 12 inches tall, contrary to what was previously thought to be 18 to 24 inches from earlier images. The episode is also the first potential reference to the CGI-films (about Dave meeting the boys), but it's possible it's a coincidence. Me and Simon chocked on Alvin's caring heart. My biggest surprise about this episode was that Brittany didn't tell Dave about Alvin trying to get out of family day because she didn't want to break Dave's heart. This seem to confirm for me just how far Brittany's likely to go in the future.

      Well, that sums up these four episodes as I see them.

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    • I already saw the first two episodes on before and they were very good. The song in Sister Act is very catchy and I like it! It had some funny moments like Alvin trying to read the title of Simon's book.

      In Lil'T, the plot was good and Theodore trying to act tough was funny! Also his pants falling down numerous times was funny too. 

      I didn't see much of What a Gem, so I'll skip that.

      Family Spirit was a good Alvin-centered episode. I agree with you, It was surprising that Brittany didn't tell Dave about Alvin going to the soccer game. I like that Alvin finally changed his mind and decided to go with his family to the soccer game. It was really funny when Alvin was imagining all the soccer balls everywhere in school. 

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    • "Lil' T" reminded me strongly of the 2007 film. I think the film did the plot better though it was still nice to this new series' take on it. 

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    • I like Alvin's quote in Lil't. "I didn't listen to Theodore's rap, because I thought the only rapper Theodore cared about was a candy rapper"

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    • My Thoughts Sister Act Good Lil, T Meh What A Gem Good Family Spirit Ok

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