• I wanted to see what's up and inform you that you have been inactive for the past five months. As you know, policy states that after six months of no activity, you will automatically lose your Admin status. I'd rather not see this happen for your sake so I will also send you an email. I hope you're okay and I'm looking to seeing you soon.

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    • I am sorry I was gone for so long. Work was pretty busy a few months before Christmas and then my cat died 13 days before Christmas and so I have not had much time to get on the computer but now things have calmed down and I can finally return. How have you been lately? I hope this message gets posted correctly it is the first time I have used my PS4 on a wiki but so far it seems to handle the site a lot better than my PS3 does.

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    • Those months can be a hassle for many people right before Christmas. That really sucks about your cat. I've went through that many times (I have eight right now; some passing are worse than others). I'm glad you're back. I've been somewhat busy (no job, but I volunteer as often as I can), not as much here though. I have been keeping up with the new series and adding some pages. I hope to have the wiki in great shape before the end of the year. The wiki's currently being spotlighted across Wikia and work is being done on our navigation.

      Ah, PS4? Not really a gamer myself, never had a real solid interest in them. My brother bought a PS4. Not that bad of a gaming system. I hope you're using a keyboard to type and are not using the controller. Too much work otherwise.

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    • I typed the last message with the controller and boy it was a pain I really need to get a keuboard so it will be easier to use the browser on the PS4. Right now I am home and on the regular computer so it is a lot easier at least. I will hopefully be able to get on alot tomorrow after I get my paycheck from work since I did not get on anywhere near as much as I had planned this week. Thankfully my boss gave me almost 2 months off so I do not go back until the end of April which is nice since I really needed a break. I will be going to Boston and Salem for 5 days I believe April 9th-14th but I may be slightly off on the dates but I cannot wait since I have wanted to go to Salem for years but never got to go when I lived on the east coast.

      I heard about the new series and I am pretty excited for it. Hopefully we do not get hit with a spma wave like when the Squeakquel came out that was a disaster. ANyways I hope to get back on tomorrow and actually do some edits and see if I can find anything that needs fixing.

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    • Two months off? What a vacation. Have fun up there.

      I'm hoping it will be good (from looking at some of OuiDo Productions' works, the animation should be great). So far we haven't had a problem with spam or vandalism. Regardless, if anything of the nature starts occurring it'll be taken care of. 

      If you've seen The Easter ChipmunkA Chipmunk Celebration, or Trick or Treason you could expand their plots, especially for the first one.

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