• What minor characters are your favorites or do you find most interesting? Most annoying?

    Mine include Sam Valiant and Daisy Belle from The Alvin Show. Sam Valiant talks quick, adding a little tempo to the episodes he is in and is one of the funnier characters. Daisy Belle I find interesting and I liked her role in Bicycle Built For Two and Sir Alvin. Roger Marsell from Alvin's Cruise is the most annoying character from the franchise I have seen so far. He had the episode properly named for sure; he's a curse alright.

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    • I don't really have too many favorite minor characters, I can tell you I really hate Uncle Harry (by far [in my opinon] the most annoying character I've come across.)

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    • I can't really stand characters that use others. Even with seeing Harry in a couple episodes, Roger is like a pesky yellow fly. Very irritating.

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