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Theo's Big Night Out is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Theodore tries to overcome his fear of slumber parties by spending the night at Kevin's house without Alvin or Simon.[2]


Dave checks in on Miss Miller and The Chipmunks as Theodore packs for a sleepover. Alvin and Simon both can't make it to the sleepover with him so Theo's concerned he won't be able to sleep at someone else's house. A series of flashbacks with Dave picking up Theodore at various houses in the middle of the night shows how scared he is with being alone. Simon's ride to the comic book convention arrives leaving Alvin to address the problem. The red-clad chipmunk decides to recreate a sleepover, with a light saber duel, bubble blowing contest, and a pillow fight, before encouraging his brother to calm down to sleep. Theo agrees to go to the sleepover, believing it's important to Alvin. At Cheesy's house, Kevin, Warren, and Bruce learn Derek was invited; the classmates talk until Derek's bored, ultimately planning to prank Theodore. Meanwhile, Alvin arrives with his brother, who informs Alvin he'll be calling him at six before reluctantly going inside. Derek tricks Theo into going up into the attic where he's locked in and left terrified. While Derek throws toilet paper into Cheesy's tree, Alvin calls asking for Theo as it's after six. Knowing something is wrong as he heard Derek in the background, Alvin takes Teddy to save his younger brother. Dressed as Teddy, Alvin attacks Derek causing Cheesy to let Theo out of the attic. Theodore retrieves his bear as he leaves, learning it's Alvin. Back home, Theodore confesses it wasn't too bad and promises to give sleepovers another chance.




  • A sneak peek was uploaded to Nicktoons UK.
  • Alvin's red light saber toy from Oh Brother Where Art Thou and Curiosity makes a reappearance, along with a new blue version.
    • The term "light saber" is also spoken for the first time in the series twice in this episode, by Alvin and Cheesy.
  • A costume resembling the character of Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise can be seen in Cheesy's attic.
  • Mr. Crabble makes his first re-appearance since the season one episode, The Tree House.
  • The red outfit version of Talking Teddy makes another reappearance.
  • This episode and The Bodyguard were the last episodes with over one million viewers in the US.


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