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This article is about the 1988 animated series episode. For other uses, see The Wall (disambiguation).

The Wall is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


The Chipmunks are invited to play in the "Wall of Iron" concert by the Berlin Wall. Once in Germany, Dave explains that the concert is held for the friends and families forced to live with limited freedoms on the other side of the wall. While taking photos, the boys meet a young girl named Caterina. Once she tells them that she communicates with her brother, Eric, who's trapped on the other side, via a soccer ball, The Chipmunks agree to take pictures and sign autographs for him. Alvin promises to rescue him, but the wall guards think they are defecting to the other side much to the dismay of Dave. Eric finds the boys and assists in an escape with the help of a tailor. Unfortunately they are recaptured and taken to the Rock Pile where they are forced to perform rock n roll to show the people that it shouldn't be forbidden. During their performance the wall starts cracking and, by the end, it falls reuniting families. Alvin is awakened by Dave on the plane where he states "it was just a dream, but it doesn't have to be."




  • Released on VHS in the UK.
  • Ironically, Alvin's dream actually would come true eleven months later, with the actual destruction of the wall in November 1989.
  • This episode was rebroadcast on NBC on November 18, 1989, nine days after the collapse of the Berlin Wall.


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